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$9.99 / Month
  • Access All Courses
  • All Ebooks
  • Access all Future Videos
  • Webstorm 3 Month License
$99 / Year
$119.88 (17% Off)
  • Best Value
  • Ideal for Training Request
  • Webstorm 3 Month License
  • Access All Courses
  • All Ebooks
  • Access all Future Videos
  • Instructor Support
$399 / Forever !
  • Lifetime Access To All Content!
  • Webstorm 3 Month License
  • Access All Courses
  • All Ebooks
  • Access all Future Videos
  • Instructor Support
  • Does your employer sponsor online training? Consider requesting a one year or lifetime subscription as a training request (see FAQ below, multiple options available).
  • 50% student discount available, simply email us at to get your discount.
  • From Brasil, India, elsewhere? Get your fair geographical discount at
  • Free for teachers, discounts available for educational institutions, please email us at
  • Try the Webstorm IDE during 3 months for free (license upon request, see FAQ for how to get a license).

Tell me about the Webstorm 3 Month Free license?

Webstorm is the IDE used for all lessons, and it rocks! With an Angular University subscription you have the right to a 3 month free license if you want to, this gives you enough time to build a personal project or even a POC for a small business. Simply email us at and you will get your license code ASAP.

Can my employer sponsor my subscription?

Yes, this is available either for a one year request or lifetime access. Please first request your employer permission, then one way is to pay with your own card and either expense the receipt to your employer.

You can also contact us at with the company invoicing details, and we will send you an invoice.

What if my employer wants to be billed directly, and does not allow recurring charges?

Many employers prefer to pay directly via corporate credit card and don't accept recurring charges on company cards for training purposes. If that is the case, please email us at We will set up your account immediately, and send you an invoice via a link that you can forward to your employer.

Do I need to wait for my employer to pay the invoice before watching the videos?

No, you will be setup ASAP with access to all lessons, typically within the day / hours of the request. If your employer pays 3 months later due to the way their billing cycle is set up, that is not an issue. You can start the training immediately.

Do employers usually approve online training requests?

Yes, this is actually a very affordable way to keep an employee happy and motivated by learning a cool technology via an online course, usually outside company time. Its a really interesting value proposition for any IT manager, usually developers have no problem having such training requests approved.

What do I get by subscribing?

After subscription you get access to all of the currently available PRO lessons, as well as access to any future videos. Check the course pipeline on our main page to see what lessons are planned for the future.

What does it mean "Instructor Support" in the yearly and lifetime plans?

If you have questions about the videos, please send them to and you have a guaranteed answer.

Do I have a money back guarantee?

Absolutely, if you are not satisfied with our training material we will refund you, just let us know in the next month after the purchase.

Are receipts available?

Yes, you will receive an automatic email receipt for every transaction successfully billed to the credit card.

What payment methods are available?

All Credit cards are accepted (via Email us at if you have any questions regarding payment.

Do you keep my credit card information?

No, actually we will never receive the credit card information. Only the payment processing company receives such information.

What are the options available for teams and large organizations?

Check our enterprise plans for a team based solution.

How does cancellation work?

You can cancel anytime by using the Cancel Subscription button that will be visible in the settings menu. Any issues or questions regarding cancellation please email us at