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Learn Angular in a fast and effective way: via a series of short lessons (about 5m) that cover a single well-contained topic, lessons updated ASAP with releases.

Courses for All Levels

Premium Quality Weekly screencasts for all levels: Beginner, Intermediate or Expert, covering everything from in-depth lessons to What's New, or taking a look under the hood.

Videos & E-Books

Our video lessons are complemented with E-Books in PDF format. Each E-Book drills down into one specific Angular topic in detail: for example the Router, Forms and much more.

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Recommended Learning Path


The Typescript Jumpstart Ebook
The Angular Router Jumpstart Ebook
The Angular Forms Jumpstart Ebook
The Firebase Jumpstart Ebook
The Angular Styling Jumpstart Ebook
The Angular HTTP Jumpstart Ebook
The Step-by-Step Angular Guide