For Teams and Companies
$15 / month / dev.
  • Access All Lessons
  • Access all Future Videos
  • Webstorm Free for 3 Months
  • All Ebooks
$100 / year / dev.
  • Access All Lessons
  • Access all Future Videos
  • Webstorm Free for 3 Months
  • All Ebooks
A custom deal
  • Unlimited Users
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access All Lessons
  • Access all Future Videos
  • Webstorm Free for 3 Months
Why choose a Team Plan?

All of these are good reasons for considering the Angular University Team Plan:

  • Would you like to increase overall developer happiness on your team by providing some highly effective training in a modern technology?
  • Do you have a team or a large number of developers that are using or will soon use Angular as their primary frontend technology?
  • Do you have an existing team that does not use Angular, but need to get that team up to speed quickly?
  • Do you want to ensure that your team is kept up to date with a fast moving ecosystem and its evolving best practices ?
  • Would you prefer to avoid spending a large amount of time and effort in technological watch and prototyping?
  • An IDE is a fundamental aspect of developer happiness. Would you like a free trial of 3 months of Webstorm for your whole team ? See FAQ for details.

Overcome quickly the Angular learning curve. Spare endless days of project delay, and avoid numerous bugs and refactorings. Give your team a head start and your project the best possible chance of success.


I need to subscribe via a purchase order. Can you do this?

Yes, please email us at mentioning the number of developers that your wish to subscribe.

Do I need to wait for the invoice to be paid before having my team active?

No, you can request a quote and get your team active immediately. The invoice can be payed later by your company in their normal billing cycle, that sometimes might take months. As long as the charge is approved internally simply let us know and we will activate your team ASAP.

My team has a large number of developers. Can I get unlimited acccess?

Yes, let's dicuss your team's needs. Please email us at with the number of developers that you wish to subscribe.

What do I get by subscribing?

After subscription your teams gets access to all current lessons, as well as to any future lessons.

How does the Team Plan work?

After subscription you can edit your team in the Team Settings, where you can add or remove team members. New members will automatically receive an email informing them that they can now sign up. Once a team member signs up, he gets automatic access to all lessons.

Can I still edit the team manually?

Yes, in the manager settings screen you can easily add or remove team members.

I subscribed, but now I want to cancel. Is it possible?

Absolutely, if you are not satisfied with our training material we will refund you, just let us know in the next month after the purchase.

Is it possible to pay with a check?

Yes, please email us at

I'm the manager, but have several team members. Will I use up a slot?

No. All enterprise subscriptions are "+1" to account for this.

I chose a plan with a recurring credit card charge. Can I print an invoice for these charges?

Yes, please login with the team manager account, and go to the user profile screen.

Tell me about the Webstorm 3 Month Free license?

Webstorm is the IDE used for all lessons, with an Angular University subscription you have the right to a 3 month free license for your whole team. Simply email us at and you will get your license codes ASAP.